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Caroline H. Baker

Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of the relationship between the physical, entropic object and the non- physical, ephemeral mirror non-object. The objects involved may be anything in the natural or human made sphere, not excluding the human being as both repository and generator of non-objectified data. As humanity becomes more enmeshed with digital infrastructure we continually create a trail of data points that may describe individuals, groups and other entities such as corporations and government entities.

My current body of work often takes the form of assemblage using everyday items that could be described as “kipple” - objects without use that my seem to reproduce as a form of environmental- human entropy, objects that briefly had a use in the ordered environment that have become the very symbol of disorder. My process often involves several stages of construction/deconstruction/construction as a metaphor for our human existence as both physical and mental/spiritual and as a collection of connected information or data.

Themes often include any repository for coded information such as receipts, shipping vehicles, signage or instruction manuals. Visually this content appears in numerical or text formats juxtaposed with natural or organic imagery and objects where they may be interpreted within their context as art objects.

As I have worked with assembling and painting in this manner for several years, I have developed a personal iconography that serves a narrative function within the visual language of my artwork.

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