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Faerie Fantasy Prismacolor




Elizabeth G. Ogletree

Artist Statement.

As an artist, there is a story behind each piece that I create. Sometimes the story is personal, sometimes it’s someone else’s story, and sometimes the story belongs to the piece. I can’t say if I chose fantasy as my genre, or if it chose me, however, it has been the main genre I have chosen to work in since I was young.

While I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and mediums-and a few examples can be seen in this show, most of my work is done in color pencil, charcoal and occasionally I work with acrylic paints. With self exploration and the guidance of a few great art teachers in highschool, I feel I have done nothing but grow as an artist, and I am always looking for new ways to improve.

With my color pencils I try and blend colors in a way that give depth to the image, and to find the right shade that draws the eye in so you see more of the story I am telling. The colors are a part of the story of the piece. For example, Luna is done in shades of blue and green, blue representing the dark of night, and the green a particular shade reminiscent of a luna moth. When I am working with charcoals I work hard at getting the right shading, so its more like looking at the world in shades of grey than just black and white. Acrylics are a lot of fun for me, and I tend to create larger, more colorful pieces in acrylics.

Just as with the genre choosing me, my pieces also choose me. When inspiration hits, I often have no idea what my finished piece will be once my pencil first hits the paper. As time goes on I learn more and more about my subject, until I feel that I know this piece by heart. It’s usually somewhere in the middle of my outlining that I figure out what medium I will be using, and the smaller details make themselves clear. Even when working in charcoal, I have a color version of that piece in my head. In all of my work, I hope to convey a sense of that world unseen, that sometimes you can feel is there just hiding behind a thin spider web of reality..

Some projects I am working on right now include: Elements of Fae: A Series of Earth, Air, Water and Fyre-colored pencil and pen, The Vampire Faeries-mixed media, and an upcoming vision of a Faerie Tarot. Some of these pieces are already completed and some are still just whispering at the back of my mind. Some of these shadows of another world will be born in my studio, and some will go on, riding on the tails of someone else’s muse. 

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