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Laura Ann Sorrell

Artist Statement

My artwork arises out ot my love for the beauty in the naturalworld and an appreciation for the play of light and shadow on objects.  The world of the small and intricate fascinates my artist’s eye;  whether it is a miniscule wildflower with all its’ intricacies, weathered wood with its’ multiplicity of grey hues or a rusty hinge with wonderfully pitted textures.

Sometimes that “beauty” lies not in perfection but in small imperfections, such as the tinge of age on a leaf or petal, the hole chewed by an insect or perhaps the way light shines through glass, casting shadow and light beyond, creating new forms.  I take particular delight in the still, quiet moments of everyday life, whether in the wild, in the garden or in the ordinary surroundings of home.

My love of wood leads me to both low relief carvings and woodcut printmaking.  I also like to work with prismacolor pencils as a two dimensional expression of the beauty I see around me.  Photography, polymer clay mosaics and pastel are other media that I dabble in as well while teaching art lessons privately to my students.

The experience of creating art is just as important to me as the final result.  I relish being able to work directlywith my hands; the tactile nature of making art, whether pushing a gouge through a piece of cherry, inking a woodblock for that first print or blending pencil or pastel to paper – that is the height of my artistic joy.     

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