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Artist Statement

A feeling of escape is what I want viewer’s of my award winning art to experience. To go into a world and find recognizable and relatable imagery but also feel the essence of an otherworldly place where extraordinary things happen to fantastic creatures. A place where heroes and heroines may defend against great evil in wonderful and powerful ways. A place where you might find a sense of wonder from an out-of-the-ordinary landscape containing wild creatures that make you ask, "What is happening here?” A place you can go and visit anytime you want to escape everyday life. Perhaps your experience with my art will be different from mine and that is OK with me. Dream your own dreams and I consider myself privileged that my art is the inspiration.

My art is strongly inspired by my childhood fantasies, drawn from resources like comic books, fantasy novels and science fiction/fantasy movies. I use color, setting, mood, character, composition, focal point, lighting, anatomy, fun and years of trial and error to bring the reader into the painting. My goal is to create an emotional connection with the viewer.

My medium of choice is digital painting. I am self-taught in digital painting and continue to experiment with the medium. I use Adobe Photoshop on a Mac Pro with a 9x12 Wacom tablet and pressure sensitive pen to mimic traditional techniques like acrylic paint, airbrush, oil paint, ink and pencil. I combine all these approaches in some fashion to digitally paint my art. They are then printed as a limited edition, signed and numbered, museum quality giclee (zhee-KLAY) canvas print to be exhibited in the art gallery. Digital painting is a powerful and robust tool. I believe it holds a strong future for all artists. Digital capabilities are so broad and because the level of the museum quality canvas prints or so high, it is only limited by our imagination.

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