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Carol Thomason



Oil or Watercolor Paintings


Carol Thomason


Images shown in The Corner Gallery are the feature exhibit and available for purchase

in The Gallery @ Barr Photographics brick and mortar location, 152 E. Main St, Abingdon VA.

If you cannot visit the Gallery and wish to make a purchase or desire more information

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Carol Thomason

The Gallery @ Barr Photographics announces the spring installment of the Corner Gallery’s 2020 exhibition series with a collection of oil or watercolor paintings entitled “Etcetera” by award winning, Rogersville, Tennessee artist, Carol Thomason.

            Mrs. Thomason reveals in her artist’s statement, “I was born and raised in Mississippi, where I lived for 57 years, there; I could always find subjects to paint!  Everyone needs to take at least one hour of their day to do what they love to do, "I call this ME" time, whether it is painting, gardening, working on models, clay, stained glass, etc., I can usually find the time to play.  I've always seemed to be drawn to my paints and brushes even though I've tried a million different crafts.  It was not until I moved to Tennessee that a whole new world opened up with new beautiful subjects to paint.  The only problem is my ME time has turned into a lot longer than one hour on certain days!  I've always heard "love what you do and do what you love" and I've found out that painting is my passion, which seems to be okay with my husband, so I paint away.  He told me that a clean house doesn't make memories, so I paint…a lot! Now, all I seem to want to do is travel and take pictures so I can get started on my next painting.  GOD has given us an endless supply of subjects to paint and I'm certainly going to take advantage of it.  Even though GOD is the master painter and I will never be able to match the colors he uses, the joy of painting is in my heart.”

 “Etcetera” will be celebrated with a reception, gallery talk and demonstration of technique by Carol Thomason, to which the public is cordially invited, on Friday, 12 June from 7 - 9:00 PM in The Gallery @ Barr Photographics, 152 E. Main Street, Abingdon, Virginia.  “Etcetera” will hang, and be offered for sale, through 31, May.   The Gallery @ Barr Photographics is housed in the Greenway Trigg Building, located in the heart of Abingdon’s main street historic district.  Please call 276- 628-1486 or visit for further information.



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