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Jeremy Lee Queary

Artist Statement

I create art in multimedia. I use all materials and resources I have to give voice to the shifting psychedelic kaleidoscope that is the expression of my soul. A chaotic torrent it may seem, from which a method to the madness emerges. In my work, I try to capture or express my perception of what is, what will be and all that has been.  Expressions, like a collection of shapes which make sense in one way, interpreted from a different perspective, from spatial placement, to an almost surreal way in which human beings see patterns and shapes in randomness. Images revealed in what is known as Pareidolia, where the mind perceives a familiar pattern, where none actually exists.  Like seeing animals, faces, plants or patterns and objects in cloud formations. When creating images, I attempt to shut out the dim and askew light in which we view reality. Expressing what is my perspective of a spirit journey or expedition to the inner most reaches of my mind. The imagery I experience when I lose the ego and inhibitions and simply create, to the best of my abilities, a reflection of what is the culmination of my own experiences, a lifting of the veil, so to speak. A vision, seeing not just with my eyes, but my heart and soul into the very fabric that is the makeup of my universe”.

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