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Artist Statement

I believe that a painter is a philosopher in brush and color; a philosopher whose wisdom may never be deciphered, and most often at first glance, is usually veiled. A painter is someone whose wit (if they have one) is always a discovery waiting to be explored.  My art is a revelation of truth, which is the very fiber of the canvas and the very pigment of the color of Lance.

To me, art is only art when it has accomplished two things. Firstly, when it exposes the artist and secondly, when it enriches the viewer. When both of these experiences happen a seed is planted which has the potential for growth in both artist and viewer.  

In my paintings I strive for what I call Focused Expressionism. I want the painting to be expressive with every brushstroke but I don't want every brushstroke to be the focus. Viewers often ask how I paint, such as, what brush I use, which technique I like best, or how long it took to complete any given painting, etc.... These facts are easily shown and easily forgotten. The greater question to me is this:  "What is the story behind this painting?"  It is true that every picture tells a story; I want every painting to invite you to discover that story and make it your own. When that happens it is the greatest compliment to the painter and the best home for the painting.

I don't create when I paint, I merely copy as best as I can what THE Creator has made. So allow me to echo the words of J. S. Bach as he signed his work, "Soli Deo Gloria" (to GOD alone be the glory).



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