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Artist Statement

Because of a tragedy in her life she did not paint for a very long period. Then January 1, 2014 Romagean began to paint just one painting each day no larger than 3”X5”.  This has evolved in her painting daily, either in her studio at home or on the easel she has in her gallery.  Each painting has becoming a little larger, while all of them are just seen she has imagined and put together in her mind.  These are the places she goes to enjoy a little quiet time from all the tragedy she had to endure the past seven years.

For no one knows what they will face each day as we awake.  Only that the day ahead of us holds some unexpected happening that we have no control of what so ever.  Because of this we must learn to deal with the ups and downs of our lives.  The choices we make and the way we handle the every day life experience will affect both us and the people whom are involved in the situation. 

Romagean hopes you will find some peace and quietness from her work and learn to escape the unpleasantness in your own life through her art.

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