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Watercolor, Oil, Etching







Thelma V. Blake

Artist Statement

Through realistic, surrealistic and abstract styles, I work materials traditionally and non-traditionally.  I employ creative techniques and altered images to produce a visually unique personal statement.  Lisa Phillips , assistant curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York (1986) stated” Thelma Blake is an accomplished practitioner, an artist of very high caliber.”  Anne Price, art critic for Sun Magazine (1983), Baton Rouge, LA wrote in a critique of Blake’s solo show, “ She has unlimited energy, technical skill and real involvement with art.  Her surreal work leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.  She embodies some very conventional subjects with a kind of surreal fantasy which literally changes their focus and importance.”  Thelma states, “Art is an enrichment of life for the artist and the viewer.  It serves as a means of expression for creative people and satisfies the creative urge as therapy for the inner being.  Critiques of my art endeavors may be a process of self discovery as outsiders express reactions to my work. 

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