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Plein Aire Oil and Watercolor






John Sauers

Artist Statement

I was born in 1933 next to the woods, Mom didn’t make it to the hospital. The woods were great and mysterious.

Cutting through the open distant fields and farm was a gravel lane: a leafy tunnel populated by an assortment of day and nocturnal critters.

This was my place of youth - the formulative time of personal perspective.

To this day it has remained a feeling of something which lies beyond. It is not a matter to be put into words, but it becomes an attachment to the psyche.

This personal perspective has been a life partner with my art.

I do not paint scenes. I paint plein aire images relevant to my life: I paint “lifescapes” which reflect the road traveled from “next to the woods” through the great valley of Virginia, to my ancestral place at Whitetop and Greencove Virginia.

Sherwood Anderson would have known of these matters, he would have understood.

Then there is Abingdon, a place so special to this artist and his wife, it is with great pleasure that we present these works.  

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